Friday, April 9, 2010

WISH LIST: summer dresses from Harvey Faircloth

It is now April, which means springtime in the city is now in full bloom. The sight of sunshine, daffodils, and the first peeks of toes and sandals everywhere make me want to go on a huge shopping bonanza for dresses and other sunny accoutrements... at least in theory. I actually like the idea of shopping more than the act, which can be a frustrating and tiresome strain on my patience (the line for dressing rooms is oft just as bad as waiting in line for the ladies' room). Thankfully, for both my wallet and my sanity, the Internet remedies this by satiating my love for window shopping, regardless of weather and crowds of people. The latest feast for my eyes comes from Harvey Faircloth the new clothing line by Katie Hatch, Abby Clawson Low, and Mara Papa.
This is all so cute I might barf sprinkled cupcakes, but it's like 71 degrees outside so just let me be obnoxiously giddy about this for a day or two. More storyboard-like catalog images after the jump.

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