Monday, February 1, 2010

sprucing things up a bit, werkin' out the kinks

In order to make this blog more readable, and make sense to more than its authorial bodies (of which there are a mere two), its his and hers will be transitioning to a more welcoming editorial format. Some recurring features you can expect from our blog, starting... today!:

LAST WEEK / An aggregation of posts from the past week. Every Sunday.
ON MY MIND MONDAY / A weekly post of thoughts on current goings-on, trends in visual culture, etc.; a somewhat "timely" piece ("timely" being used in a fairly liberal sense). Every Monday (duh), switching off between myself and Dix.
POSTCARD / A personal photo snapshot of something seen in our day-to-day -- a public piece of visual culture, an urban observation, a friend, a moment -- along with a song associated with the memory.
OUT AND ABOUT / Recap of an exhibit, launch party, or other design/art event attended.
TWO CENTS / Commentary on something that seems to be making the rounds in the art/design blogosphere. Our meager two cents added to the pile o' chunk change.
5 QUESTIONS / A short snappy e-mail interview with influential people in the art/design community. Aiming for every Wednesday.
WISH LIST / Self-explanatory consumerist smut.
READING ROOM / Books pertaining to visual culture; featuring more than reviewing.
LOOK-ALIKE / Visual connections between past and present things, a side-by-side comparison of how something may have been inspired or ripped-off an earlier idea. A fashion trend, a building, whatever.
PICTURE SHOW / Video post on anything interesting or applicable to general discussion. Weekly.
BACKSTORY / Short historical briefs on random things we like. Every Friday.
OVERHEARD / Spotlight on a noteworthy or thought-provoking quote from a talk, interview, or piece of writing pertaining to visual culture.

Thoughts? Comments? Always appreciated, here and elsewhere.

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