Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello !

its his and hers is a new blog between two pals, one guy and one gal, tying together any and all of the various things in the wide breach of "visual culture," from film, graphic design, and architecture to interior decoration, fashion and photography. In what will be a telephone game-like dialogue or tag-team of thoughts between said guy and said gal, each post will be loosely associated with a subject, however pertinent or tangential, provoked by something from the last.

Writings will consist of casual banter on the objective appearance of things (its). The subjective reactions that follow (his, hers) and link these things will be part of an experiment to see whether any palpable narrative is able to surface in the fragmented communicative transmissions of the internet.

In other words, this is a two-player activity of productive self-indulgence; we'll be blogging about things we like, why we like 'em, and what they remind us of. This is a froofy introduction to an otherwise simple blog that will be written in an otherwise readable and casual way. Please stay.

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