Saturday, January 30, 2010

Generic "no brand" fashion

It's strange how the look of generic is now perceived as highbrow design, as is obvious in retailers like Japanese retailer Muji. Since its inception, the company has crafted an appeal with the idea of minimalist home furnishings and clothing under the concept of the "no brand."

While Muji has a logo out of necessity for its storefront, use of it elsewhere is purposely omitted in their wide range of products. And interestingly from that, their "no brand" motto has just as famously made it a well-regarded brand in and of itself; it's anti-design design without logos–unlike other brands–but in doing so, the look of brandlessness has become a mark of the brand in itself. However, it's funny to think that not everything displayed at Muji is actually simplistic (ie. Naoto Fukasawa's wall-mounted disc player), but Kenya Hara's projected idea of simplicity can still captivate shoppers.

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